The Disruptive GC Network is an independent network for General Counsels and Heads of Legal of early-stage, high-growth disruptive businesses.  

The Network connects UK-based General Counsels and Heads of Legal who face similar challenges in their roles as the most senior lawyers in disruptive businesses.

Our members are often the first, and in many cases, the only, lawyer, in an early-stage business. They advise entrepreneurs and venture capitalists with innovative mindsets and high risk appetites. Their businesses are undergoing rapid growth and displacing traditional markets, firms, products and alliances. They are continually confronted by novel legal issues with little precedent.  

Our aim is to provide a forum for our members to exchange ideas, recommendations and best practices.  We also partner from time to time with selected third parties to organise events and discussions of particular interest to our members.

It’s open-source lawyering based around speed of response and flexibility.
— Catrin Griffiths, Editor, The Lawyer
It’s a no-catch situation. It’s just a peer group with people going through the same challenges.
— Sam Ross, Head of Legal, WorldRemit
There is more of a willingness to share ideas, to say ‘I’m not in my ivory tower, I don’t know all of the answers’ and bounce ideas off of each other in a more collaborative way.
— Paul Peake, Head of Legal, StubHub Europe
We face very similar substantive issues, not just on the legal front but also on the regulatory front. It’s nothing but useful to be able to bounce ideas off of the people that understand.
— Angela Yotov, Head of Legal, RateSetter