The Network was launched in 2016, currently has almost 50 members, and is growing apace.  

Our members represent businesses disrupting a wide spectrum of industries, including the retail, transportation tech, travel, food, crowdfunding, payments and banking industries.  

To ensure we are able to effectively meet our members' needs, applicants for Network membership must meet our strict membership criteria in relation to their seniority and the type of business that they work for.  

In particular, they must be the General Counsel or Head of Legal of the entire business, or, in the case of a large business, of a geographic or key business unit.  The Network is currently focused on UK-based General Counsels.

Crucially, they must work in early-stage, high-growth disruptive businesses. This means that they will often be the first, and in many cases, the only, lawyer in a young company. They will be advising entrepreneurs and venture capitalists with innovative mindsets and high risk appetites. Their businesses will be undergoing rapid growth and displacing existing markets, firms, products and alliances. They will be continually confronted by novel legal issues with little precedent.  

If you wish to be considered for membership, please complete the application form on the  Contact page.