We organise bespoke events targeting our members' unique needs.

We’re not your regular in-house lawyers, and often find that scheduled CPD sessions don’t target our needs. So this year we are arranging a series of bespoke events to bring our members together, share views and debate hot topics in both legal and broader business spheres.  

We’re in the process of setting up a panel of forward-thinking firms to collaborate with on these events - please see the Contact page if you would like to submit a proposal.  






Preparing for an IPO - Supper Club

October 2017, City of London


Demystifying Valuations - Breakfast Huddle

September 2017, City of London


A Disruptive GC's Guide to the GDPR - Supper Club

July 2017, City of London


Alternative Legal Resourcing - Supper Club

June 2017, City of London


Going to the U.S.A. - Breakfast Huddle

May 2017, The U.S. Embassy, Mayfair


International Consumer Terms Across Borders - Breakfast Huddle

May 2017, South Bank


Spring 2017 Networking Drinks

April 2017, King's Cross



Compensation Benchmarking Roundtable

December 2016, Clerkenwell


Winter 2016 Networking Drinks

November 2016, City of London


Summer 2016 Inaugural Networking Drinks

June 2016, Soho